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OmniSync is a driver for NTPd for people who are firewall-challenged. It enables systems to synchronize time when port 123 (UDP) is blocked. It allows you to sync against the daytime service, time, SNTS, IRC, ICMP, SNMP, precision time protocol (PTP -- IEEE 1588), HTTP, HTTPS (both also via proxy server), and (S)NTP via a Socks(5) proxy server. It doesn't directly set the clock, but uses NTPd for this, as this enables you to have multiple time sources as well as bad-chimer detection, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jan 2009 20:19

    Release Notes: OmniSync can now bind to a specific network adapter. An ntp implementation that binds to an unprivileged port was added, enabling regular ntp behind a restrictive firewall.

    •  17 Nov 2008 22:10

      Release Notes: Due to a missing include line, offsets were enormous. That is now corrected.

      •  07 Feb 2008 21:19

        Release Notes: This version allows you to also sync against an (S)NTP server via a SOCKS 5 proxy.

        •  04 Feb 2008 21:55

          Release Notes: This release implements proper timeouts. It adds a simple PTP (precision time protocol, IEEE 1588) handler (protocol version 1).

          •  23 Jan 2008 21:42

            Release Notes: This release can synchronize the internal clock to the time returned by an SNMP server. It correctly sets the precision for ICMP timestamp, now compiles on IRIX as well, and the initial clock set can now use an average of multiple measurements.


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