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The OMCSNet-WordNet project aims to improve the quality of the OMCSNet dataset by using automated processes to map WordNet synonym sets to OMCSNet concepts and import additional semantic linkage data from WordNet. It is based on OMCSNet 1.2, a semantic network and inference toolkit written in Python/Java. OMCSNet currently contains over 280,000 separate pieces of common sense information extracted from the raw OMCS dataset. This project is also based on WordNet, an online lexical reference system that in recent years has become a popular tool for AI researchers.

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Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2003 21:47

    Release Notes: This release adds a new automated scoring algorithm for determining the WordNet sense of OMCSNet concepts and WordNet sense tagging for 23,000+ new words. It removes 7,000+ bad assertions.

    •  26 Sep 2003 22:14

      Release Notes: 10,000+ additional words now contain part-of-speech tagging. 3,000+ additional words now contain WordNet sense tagging. All assertions are tagged with an import source to indicate whether extracted from OMCSNet or WordNet. There are various cleanups.

      •  24 Sep 2003 19:33

        Release Notes: A new tool is included that uses a combination of the WordNet lexical database and the Link Grammar syntactic English parser to disambiguate OMCSNet data. Part-Of-Speed tagging of a large amount of the OMCSNet dataset (300,000+ tagged terms) has been added, as well as preliminary WordNet sense tagging of OMCSNet terms. This release marks the first concrete steps towards disambiguating the OMCSNet dataset.

        •  24 Sep 2003 02:49

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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