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OMake is a build system and scripting language with a similar style and syntax to GNU make but with many additional features, including support for large projects spanning multiple directories, default configuration files simplifying the standard compilation tasks, fast, reliable, automated, scriptable dependency analysis using MD5 digests, built-in support for defining and running autoconfiguration tests, portability, and built-in functions that provide the most common features of programs like grep, sed, and awk. It also provides active filesystem monitoring that restarts builds automatically when source files are modified. A companion command interpreter that can be used interactively is included.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Aug 2007 11:32

    Release Notes: This release features significant language improvements. The .STATIC and .MEMO rules were added, allowing the definition of lazy computations and lazy memoization maps. Export sections were added, making it much easier to manage variable scoping. It is now possible to reference fields in sub-objects directly. Many new built-in and library functions were added. There were a number of significant bugfixes, including a correction of Ctrl-C handling on Windows (which now correctly interrupts OMake).

    •  05 Jun 2007 22:04

      Release Notes: This release fixes a file descriptor leak and a few other minor bugs.

      •  01 Jun 2007 17:16

        Release Notes: This release makes it easy to define default ("implicit") rules for phony targets. In addition, OMake will now detect case-insensitive filesystems on Unix-like operating systems (especially important under Mac OS X). There are a number of performance improvements and documentation updates and improvements.

        •  16 Mar 2007 16:46

          Release Notes: This release adds a large number of new built-in and standard library functions, extends the autoconfiguration section of the standard library, makes a number of improvements in the interactive osh shell, and makes a number of improvements in the library of standard build recipes. There are also numerous documentation improvements, and a number of other improvements and bugfixes.

          •  12 Dec 2006 15:37

            Release Notes: The conversion from OMake expressions to shell command lines went through a major redesign in this release to make it more consistent and less ad-hoc. OMake documentation was significantly reorganized. An experimental improved OCaml dependency scanner using the upcoming "ocamldep -modules" feature and support for the Menhir parser-generator were added to the standard library. A number of new options to control OMake's output and verbosity were added; OMake is now more silent by default. There are many other improvements and bugfixes.


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