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oMail-webmail is a Webmail solution for mail servers based on qmail and optionally vmailmgr or vpopmail. The mail is read directly from maildirs on the hard disk, which is much quicker than using protocols like POP3 or IMAP. Other features includes multiple language support (English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and many more), HTML and pictures inline display, folders, and address book support.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Aug 2003 09:40

    Release Notes: A security fix and minor fixes for email_display_font_type and authentication via echo were made. readmessage() was revamped.

    •  26 Aug 2001 13:53

      Release Notes: Serbian and Dutch translations were added. The Italian language file was updated.

      •  28 Jun 2001 15:43

        Release Notes: Some bugfixes (mutliple-from-addresses routines), and 4 new translations: Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, and Lithuanian.

        •  30 Apr 2001 15:58

          Release Notes: A security fix regarding remote IP checking was made. New configuration variables for fixed/variable font were added. FreeBSD-specific patches were integrated. A new translation was made for Czech. The addressbook was completely redesigned, but is backward-compatible.

          •  18 Apr 2001 22:26

            Release Notes: Support for multiple attachments, inline attachment display for pictures (jpg/gif/png) and (optionnaly) html attachments, ability to move multiples messages at once to the trash and other folders, and a "one-login" system, which is usefull if you have mutliple mail servers.

            Recent comments

            15 Apr 2002 23:51 seunghun

            Re: Online Demo is available
            Keep it real, keep it qmail.

            I've tried other ones, but to one who uses the One Real MTA (that being qmail) this is heaven. I read my mails on my desktop through nfs at my closet server who delivers the incoming messages straight into maildir. This way, I have one exact inbox at my cozy server and I can read my mail whichever way I want. (That being mutt and on the road, omail)

            My brother was so impressed, I gave him an account too!

            Sure as hell beats any one of those IMAP and POP and MySQL storage and whatnot.

            You rock.

            23 Jul 2001 18:55 afcowie

            Re: Sendmail?

            > it's not the goal of the
            > project, and there are
            > *plenty* of other software that works
            > with pop or imap.

            However, being modest, you forgot to mention that oMail beats the heck out of most of the other WebMail clients that are out there. Again, my complements.


            16 Apr 2001 16:46 swix

            Re: Sendmail?

            > Any chance that you will be doing it
            > with standerd pop and smtp ?

            nope, sorry, it's not the goal of the project, and there are

            *plenty* of other software that works with pop or imap. For

            example IMP ( looks a bit like


            Good luck :-)


            02 Mar 2001 05:11 wishes

            Any chance that you will be doing it with standerd pop and smtp ?
            ie sendmail or whatever other servers and other?
            I love the look and features but dont use qmail

            03 Feb 2001 12:42 pldaniels


            > Beware: if you are using neomail, you
            > are most probably not using qmail, and

            Doh! Now I know why I was using NeoMail... because
            it did go via pop3 and that was all there was to
            it. The speed per'se wasn't an issue (I was only
            needing to provide a WWW interface via the
            firewall to the world for my board members etc who
            were travelling around the world).

            Rejoice for protocol-standards (assuming MS hasn't
            bludgeond them already).

            Oh well, my comments still stand though, it's a
            nice application you've developed.

            Now I have to return to trying to work how to make
            my WWW app work without Apache.


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