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The ogmtools allow users to display information about (ogminfo), extract streams from (ogmdemux), merge several streams into (ogmmerge), and split (ogmsplit) Ogg files. Supported stream types include video streams from AVIs or Ogg files and Vorbis audio from Ogg files. The resulting files can be played back with mplayer or with the OggDS Direct Show filters under Windows.


Recent releases

  •  07 Nov 2004 12:42

    Release Notes: ogmcat can concatenate files that contain a single track whose serial numbers don't match, e.g. audio-only Ogg files. dvdxchap has a new mode for outputting only a given range of chapters and adjusting their timecodes accordingly.

    •  03 Aug 2004 11:56

      Release Notes: The included AVI library was updated to handle OpenDML AVIs written by mencoder which are bigger than 1GB.

      •  14 Apr 2004 20:46

        Release Notes: The MPEG-4 key frame detection was incorrect, resulting in unseekable files.

        •  05 Apr 2004 17:29

          Release Notes: The included avilib has been updated to the latest version in transcode's CVS repository, which should improve the handling for AVIs bigger than 2GB. ogmdemux now writes its files to the current directory. The "-T" option no longer causes improper handling of text subtitle files.

          •  21 Nov 2003 04:02

            Release Notes: This version features support for the old and broken stream headers produced by ogmmerge prior to v1.1. The AC3 detection was also improved.


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