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Original Gamer's Client

Original Gamer's Client aims to combine the convenience of a GUI-based MUD client with the power that seems reserved for TUI-based clients. OGC implements its GUI using Tk.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Nov 2002 00:07

    Release Notes: This release primary completes the transition from callback-based dispatching to event-based dispatching. Other changes include use of improved Tk support in recent (1.0.1+) versions of Twisted, fixing the "Connect at Startup" button, and a re-arrangement of the config dialog.

    •  03 Nov 2002 06:51

      Release Notes: This release restructures the mechanism by which events are passed around the code, includes a few minor UI modifications (input widget grabbing focus, output widgets refusing to accept focus, and additional keybindings), and uses the Psyco JIT compiler when it is available.

      •  22 Oct 2002 04:30

        Release Notes: This release adds support for telnet NAWS negotiation, underlined text, and older releases of Twisted. Bugsfixes include proper selection of the current font in the config window, ever-overlapping windows for multiple connections to the same world, and a rewrite of some of the slower parts of the ANSI parsing code.

        •  18 Oct 2002 21:09

          Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release that includes fixes for input lost to IAC NOP sequences, a workaround for games that send incorrect line delimeters, fixes for the "Add" and "Remove" buttons on the main window, improved ANSI color support, further MCCPv2 fixes, and Help menu item fixes. Additionally, all available font families are now listed in the config window.

          •  15 Oct 2002 22:38

            Release Notes: New in this release is the ability to select font type/size, disable compression, and limit scrollback history length. A status bar has been added, and the configuration dialog now allows changes to be canceled instead of committed. For those options for which it makes sense, changes are now applied immediately to existing connections.

            Recent comments

            03 Nov 2002 16:42 carmstro

            Woohoo ogc!
            OGC is the bestest mud client in the universe! Python rules! Hooray Jp!

            -- radix the non-OGC hacker


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