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OfflineIMAP is a tool to simplify email reading. It allows you to read the same mailbox from multiple computers and ensures that your changes will be automatically reflected on all computers. You can use various mail clients to read a single box or read mail while offline with full synchronization when you reconnect. You can read IMAP mail with readers that lack IMAP support (same goes for SSL). OfflineIMAP's multithreaded synchronization algorithm performs between 10 and 60 times faster than many mail readers' internal IMAP support, and it can be used even with mail readers that support IMAP already. There are five available user interface modules, including scripted execution, an interactive terminal interface, and GUI interfaces.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Oct 2009 14:50

    Release Notes: imaplib2 has been entirely removed. It was the cause of numerous crash/hang bugs. Idle support had to be removed because it depended on imaplib2. This release will not request INTERNALDATE when it is not needed.

    •  13 Aug 2008 20:02

      Release Notes: This release fixes compatibility with Python 2.4. New configuration options permit compatibility with German Google Mail.

      •  03 Aug 2008 09:52

        Release Notes: More power improvements were made.

        •  03 Aug 2008 09:47

          Release Notes: Support for SSL client certs was added. The ability to disable fsyncing was added. The power profile was reduced.

          •  20 May 2008 17:22

            Release Notes: New features include re-scanning remote folder names at every sync run, a new machine-parseable user interface, PID file generation, a -q (quick) option, Maildir performance increases, support for username/password in netrc file, an -f option for syncing only selected folders, a -k option to override config options, special support for GMail, and Kerberos support.


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