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31 Oct 2008 15:50 titanouk

Neogia 1.4.0 released
Neogia Team is pleased to announce the release of neogia 1.4.0.

This release is considered as the latest stable version of neogia and can be used in production.

It contains a lot of new enhancements for accounting and sales manager components

10 Jun 2005 06:59 titanouk

Neogia for Ofbiz R5107 available
Neogia has been synchronized with OFBiz R5107 and a tag has been


A tag NEOGIA_0_7 has also been positionned before this synchronization

for Neogia 0.7 release.

07 Apr 2005 12:29 titanouk

Neogia synchronized with OFBiz R4722
Neogia project has been synchronized with OFBiz in SVN release 4604. This synchronization includes neogia 0.6 release. All patches have been updated.

22 Mar 2005 02:01 titanouk

Neogia shipment business process now integrated with OFBiz shipment component
The Neogia shipment business process is now fully integrated with the ofbiz shipment component. This enhacement improves fit shipment transactions into planned stock events. In addition the workflow has been optimized to include a new step to issue product toward shipment facility. Quantity not picked is now available at any time. Moreover, shipment packages creation now includes quantity issued in shipment facility (warehouse). Finally deletion of shipment item now creates a new planned transfer to stock if product already in shipment facility (warehouse).

Receive business process from purchase shipment is comming soon ...

21 Mar 2005 01:47 titanouk

Synchronisation with OFBiz R4604
Neogia project has been synchronized with OFBiz in SVN release 4604. This synchronization follows the new OFBiz project organization and respect the split between framework and applications components. All patches have been updated.

07 Mar 2005 05:34 titanouk

Neogia website now released in French
The Neogia project website ( ( ) has been released in French. Now all documentation and howto are available in French language.
Other language translations are welcome.

24 Feb 2005 05:38 titanouk

Neogia website has been updated

Neogia project website ( ( ) has been updated with new OFBiz Neogia Components description and javadocs has been re-generated from the lastest source code version.

Menu bar has been re-organized and it is now more usable and clear.

Documentation has been updated and new docs has been added.

For each Neogia component, UML models has been exported to graphics file and included into documentation.

Please, don't hesitate to feedback on the site content or site design.

26 Jan 2005 03:23 titanouk

Accounting component released in 0.5
This is amelioration for the accounting module :

* Support of the acctgtransactiontype prefix for the NextSeqId of acctgtransactionitem

* Support of the account third

* Seized analytical accounts for the entry lines

* Reworked of the screen of edition of AcctgTransaction

* Management of the Totals of accounts

* Prefixage of the entries according to the Journal

* Recalcul of the totalAmounts


* Improvement of the screen menu configuration

* AccountingData and complete fr

* Support of the inheritances of multiple accounts

* Navigator of reckon with billposting of the following totals a period

* Validation of the plan of accounts

* Recacule of the hierarchy levels of accounts

All this change will be in future Neogia 0.5 package but are currently in CVS


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