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oDns is a simple php/Perl/MySQL frontend to the BIND 8.2.1 Name Server. All the hosts information is saved in four SQL tables. The php-based Web frontend allows you to add/edit/remove domains (primary and slaves) and contact information. In the background, Perl is used to generate standard named.conf and specific zone files for all the primary domains.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2001 08:44

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  17 Aug 2000 23:38

      Release Notes: This is a major update. New features include PHP4 support, multi-user support (without authentication yet), support for unlimited number of mx records, included preferences support, automatic zone propagation to secondary name servers if they are also using oDns, improved documentation, and a few little bug-fixes.

      •  21 Mar 2000 16:54

        Release Notes: Initial announcement.

        Recent comments

        25 Jan 2006 15:49 swix

        Re: wasted time
        Sorry if you lost time :-( You probably should have tried the version I still use to manage a few hundred zones: 0.3.3a. The latest version was improved by 2 other programmers having some quite specific needs (acl's etc.).

        But of course it's quite an old and should be rewritten from scratch, at least to be compatible with php5 :-)

        12 Feb 2005 22:36 Breadcrust

        wasted time
        I decided to give odns a shot and install it. Not knowing that I would spend almost a whole day trying to get it to work only to give up and feel really pissed off. (excust the language but this is how i feel).

        DO NOT try odns unless you like wasting time, not actually getting anything done and getting fustrated.


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