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odbcpp is an ODBC C++ library wrapper. The ODBC library itself is a low level C library that has many functions, all of which could return errors. This wrapper checks for errors on every single call to the ODBC interface, so if an SQL statement, a connection, or anything else fails, an exception is generated.

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Recent releases

  •  18 Jan 2012 23:35

    Release Notes: Memory allocation is now limited when reading a column that is not bound (i.e. TEXT and other columns that do not have an exact size, since each row may have a different length).

    •  25 Nov 2011 09:38

      Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with WCHAR (wide characters) which would not compute the size of the buffer properly. The old code would work fine under Linux, but not under Windows.

      •  01 Nov 2008 23:58

        Release Notes: This version includes a major bug/security fix. The dynamic record would put data on the stack instead of the intended place. If you have any older version, upgrade to 1.5 or later. This version also includes another test and some more minor fixes to types. It also includes a way to get the size of a column and to know whether the column is NULL.

        •  23 Oct 2008 21:00

          Release Notes: The VARCHAR would not work properly because it was bound with the wrong type. This made the type VARCHAR unusable in your tables. This version also fixes the filename of the Win32 version. (version first, then Win32).

          •  21 Sep 2008 04:54

            Release Notes: The configuration scripts have been fixed to enable cross-platform compiling (especially with mingw32).


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