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10 May 2011 23:58 jsaglaquo

Just focus on one feature to find it useful, then learn to use it, then focus the next. The project is more like a operating system written in c++, providing a own optimized (oo) scripting-language and access to very complex data. Its self describing and described. Define & generate some code and fill the bare logic. You can even send and receive mails and it features a media player.

28 Apr 2011 23:04 nuyjgmiaglo

Its very interesting to have a advanced modern database and no server that needs to be running, but at the same time its possible. The interface for accessing data is completely new. With the huge amount of documentation available it has a great learning curve and makes extreme sense.
The best thing on this technology is that you are free to use it without fees in GPL projects. DBMS, OSI/Java/C++ IDE, GUI Designer, Terminology editor and a framework that allows rapid development for C++ applications.


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