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Online Chess Club is a PHP chess game. It allows you to play any number of games simultaneously against your friends online using only a Web browser, provided you own some PHP-ready Web space. It recognizes checkmate, stalemate, and allows you to draw a game. In addition, finished games may either be archived or deleted.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2011 11:21

    Release Notes: A few bugs in sending email notifications have been fixed.

    •  26 Dec 2010 20:38

      Release Notes: This release features some enhancements. The last move of one's opponent is highlighted for some time. If a user starts a game as black, an email notification is sent to their opponent. There is now an option to email forgotten passwords, and some bugs were fixed.

      •  04 Apr 2008 20:22

        Release Notes: This release features some minor enhancements in the GUI (rearranged buttons and the addition of confirmation dialogs for draw offers to prevent accidental actions) and a bugfix in stalemate detection.

        •  16 Feb 2008 23:25

          Release Notes: Buttons for all special commands have been added, and the now useless move input element has been hidden. Thus, moves and commands are now solely entered by clicking on the chessboard or appropriate buttons. Beside this, a bunch of minor issues have been fixed.

          •  26 Dec 2007 22:00

            Release Notes: This release provides several minor fixes and enhancements. All user related data is now stored in one directory. There is now write access locking via a temporary file. The source and destination of a move is highlighted. A bug in the search page was fixed (you could not search for your own games). The contrast of text has been increased, the browser page titles now reflect the OCC section, and the README is more accurate on security.

            Recent comments

            15 Nov 2003 06:58 kulkanie

            Re: Great

            > better is a point-n-click move option
            > (although I like it how it is, too,
            > since I'm trying to encourage the kids
            > to learn chess notation).

            Call me a Linux geek but I like the command line driven handling. I'll keep it. :)

            13 Nov 2003 12:11 coolhand

            I've been looking for something exactly like this for our chess club at the grade school. The only thing I'd like better is a point-n-click move option (although I like it how it is, too, since I'm trying to encourage the kids to learn chess notation).
            The school lan guy is going to set it up for me on one of their servers, so the kids can play and/or resume games at any time.


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