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nzb is a binary news grabber. It natively downloads, decodes, and even streams the files specified in the .nzb file, an XML format which describes binary files on Usenet by their message-id. libnzb provides developers with useful nzb processing functions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2012 18:09

    Release Notes: This release brings pause/resume support and fixes some minor bugs. Overall stability should be improved.

    •  07 Jun 2009 15:32

      Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release. Out of sequence segments in .nzb files are now handled correctly, which may have caused serious problems for certain nzb indexing sites. If previous versions of nzb have not worked at all for you on a specific site, this update will probably fix that.

      •  11 Apr 2009 17:24

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that fixes several minor issues concerning stability and error handling. Error situations such as network connectivity issues or NNTP issues (e.g. article not found) are handled gracefully now. nzb is also packaged with Qt 4.5, which should bring performance improvements among other things.

        •  29 Oct 2006 15:15

          Release Notes: This release focuses on portability. Settings can now be stored in an nzb.ini file in the program directory, meaning that nzb can be used without installing it on the system and configuring it, and it doesn't have any external dependencies. SSL support has also been added, which is very useful in mobile situations where the network may not be trusted and your credentials should be protected by encrypting the traffic.

          •  15 Oct 2006 15:41

            Release Notes: This is a pure bugfix release that fixes one bug affecting Windows users. The annoying random crashes on Windows shouldn't occur anymore.

            Recent comments

            12 Apr 2009 17:06 Joshbaptiste

            Great, glad the project has been updated!

            15 Oct 2006 09:05 mnordstr

            Re: bugs

            > use nzbpower, this application is just

            > waay too buggy.

            The bugginess you're probably referring to should be fixed as of 0.1.6.

            18 Sep 2006 00:55 Joshbaptiste

            use nzbpower, this application is just waay too buggy.


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