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Nwu is a network-wide update system for systems that use APT for software installation and upgrades. It allows an administrator to keep all Linux nodes in a network updated using a simple CLI tool. The deployment relies on deb packages and is very simple.

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Recent releases

  •  26 Feb 2007 15:16

    Release Notes: This version is a great leap towards 0.2.0. Only SQLite is officially supported for persistence, to ease installation and development, but MySQL and PostgreSQL usage should still be possible. Thanks to improvements in the deb package, installing nwu-server is as simple as running "dpkg -i". After the administrator answers a few debconf questions, Nwu will be ready for use. Many bugs were also fixed.

    •  16 Oct 2006 01:13

      Release Notes: In this version, many were bugs fixed, including a memory leak and a database connections leak. The Debian package now follows the new Python policy. Local root is notified by email if a task operation fails.

      •  10 Apr 2006 03:39

        Release Notes: nwu-server now has a working daemon mode. The Debian packaging is much better. The documentation has been improved. The GTK interface uses XML-RPC instead of directly talking to the SQL backend. This release is ready for widespread testing.

        •  18 Mar 2006 16:12

          Release Notes: This release uses XML-RPC instead of SOAP. The logging system is now using syslog, and nwu-server is daemonizing itself. There is a prototype PyGTK interface which is very basic. The admin can now list the group of machines with outdated packages in a "group". Minor bugs have been fixed, especially in the Debian packaging.

          •  06 Mar 2006 10:48

            Release Notes: This release is intended as a prototype only and should not be used in production environments. It still lacks documentation. It already implements the abilities to install packages in the remote nodes, to list pending updates in the nodes, to roll security upgrades to nodes, and to update the remote nodes' package cache.


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