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The number perl script will print the English name of a number. One can print names of extremely large numbers (e.g. 1e1234567). Number can be run on the command line, or as a CGI script when run as 'number.cgi'. Number prints names in both the American and European naming system. It can also print the decimal expansion of a number in either naming system.

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Recent releases

  •  06 Mar 2011 14:45

    Release Notes: This is a major revision. Options were added for using formal Latin or informal Latin. The default is now formal Latin. The -i command line option was added to output in informal Latin (the old version 2 behavior). Hooks were added for the ruleset. As with version 2, only the American and European systems are encoded. The -r [ruleset] option was added to output according to the given ruleset. Currently, number supports "-r american" ("-r us" for short) and "-r european" ("-r euro" for short). The use of -e is deprecated and, if used, acts like "-r european". Various typographical errors and code cleanup were made.

    •  18 Sep 2006 00:03

      Release Notes: This release improves the command line usage message. See "number -h" and the source code comments for details. In addition, the code works better with modern Apache Web servers when run in CGI mode (as number.cgi).

      •  21 Feb 2005 16:40

        Release Notes: The extra "t" was removed in numbers from one centillion (10^303) up until one quadringentillion (10^1201) as well as in all numbers that are a multiple of 1000 Latin powers beyond those values. Note that the on-line English Names of the Mersenne Primes ( have been corrected as well.

        •  01 Jan 2004 00:24

          Release Notes: A bug in line wrap / long line folding has been fixed, better use is made of Perl's Math::BigInt objects, and some minor code cleanup has been performed.

          •  01 Jan 2003 07:35

            Release Notes: A bug where the names of numbers greater than 10^(6*10^15) in European systems and greater than 10^(3*10^15) in the American system were incorrect was fixed. Some work-arounds for broken versions of the Math::BigInt module were implemented, and the Web size limit was increased.


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