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num-utils are a set of programs for dealing with numbers from the Unix command line. Much like the other command line utilities grep, awk, sort, cut, etc. these utilities work on numeric data from both standard in and data from files. The base utilities currently included are average, bound, interval, numgrep, numprocess, numsum, random, range, and round. If you work with pipelines on the command line, these tools will prove to be helpful.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Nov 2004 07:05

    Release Notes: The numsum program now has the ability to sum up series of columns and rows at once. With this change is also the ability to specify one or multiple rows and columns that you would like to be summed up.

    •  24 Sep 2003 06:47

      Release Notes: This release adds a program called normalize that will normalize a set of numbers. By default it normalizes between 0 and 1 but using a -R option it can use any range. The average program gained the ability to find medians and modes in sets of numbers. There are also minor documentation changes.

      •  09 Jun 2003 22:27

        Release Notes: This release mainly adds the 'interval' program, which will display the numeric interval between numbers in lines of input. This can be very useful for showing the rate of change of a set of numbers.

        •  30 May 2003 03:58

          Release Notes: New features in this release include handling of factors and multiples in numgrep, a -e (exclude) option in the range command, and handling of negative numbers for the sqrt() function in numprocess. Several documentation additions and fixes have also been made.

          •  18 Jun 2002 07:01

            Release Notes: This initial release of num-utils is quite mature and usable, although it is still considered in development.


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