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NullLogic Groupware

NullLogic Groupware is a modular Web-based groupware and email system designed for contact management and event scheduling. Additional features include private messaging, public discussion forums, webmail, shared bookmarks, file sharing, call tracking, order processing, an XML-RPC API, and integrated POP3 and SMTP servers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Feb 2005 16:33

    Release Notes: Debian packaging now works. Failed htmod calls can now trigger a secondary response. SQLite was upgraded to 3.1.3. Legacy support for SQLite 2.8.x was added to make upgrading easier.

    •  28 Jan 2005 18:51

      Release Notes: mod_php was rewritten and tested with 4.3.10 and 5.0.3. Several trivial build incompatibilities were fixed for non-Linux operating systems.

      •  21 Jan 2005 19:10

        Release Notes: Zero domain ownership on newly created email filters has been fixed. ClamAV support has been added to the sample scanner script. Some of the page transitions in mod_mail have been cleaned up. The SQL subsystem was rewritten to handle an arbitrary number of cached queries.

        •  28 Dec 2004 16:41

          Release Notes: The httpd module was renamed to ghttpd. A simple HTTPd server module was added. Zero domain ownership on newly created mail folders was fixed. Zombie processes from mod_cgi were fixed.

          •  24 Dec 2004 15:34

            Release Notes: This release adds fixed POST key matching, an HTML mail composer which works with Firefox, updated core module names and paths, and minor fixes to mod_php.

            Recent comments

            30 May 2005 05:07 alphex_kaanoken

            Good software
            so, it's a good software that just works ;-)

            it's a good idea to write this on C

            PS Sorry for my english.

            02 May 2004 07:46 engrean

            Re: Greate Product!

            > The only thing I think they could work

            > on is to allow for custom fields to be

            > added and contacts to be grouped by

            > those contacts.

            I meant it would be nice to be able to create custom fields and then have the contacts be grouped by those custom fields.

            01 May 2004 13:07 engrean

            Greate Product!
            This is a very useful product. It was very easy to install on windows and worked out of the box. The web interface is very nice. It is just as easy to use as a client application.

            I like the way you can open a call and continue to add notes to it until the call was actually completed. For example, sometimes the customer is busy or you get someone else that tells you when you they'll be back. This way, you can open a call log and close once the goal was completed and that call will show up in a list of calls until you close it.

            The only thing I think they could work on is to allow for custom fields to be added and contacts to be grouped by those contacts.


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