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30 Mar 2012 06:59 unix001

Really good WebMail system

25 Sep 2003 08:49 groupboard

Simple, easy to install, and works well
Very nice piece of software. Simple, easy to
install, works perfectly and doesn't require too
many extra perl modules.

05 Feb 2001 21:59 mnunes

Very simple
OK, this software doesn't already have all the features you'll encounter in more elaborate systems, such as JWebMail or SQWebMail, but it was never so simple to install a webmail. A very good, light weight, system to have installed in my office computer.

13 Jul 2000 18:15 nikopol

perl strict
next stable version (0.7.6 or 0.7.7) will be perl-strict compliant

03 Jun 2000 09:30 bernino

The software is not really nice:

It doesnt use strict.
It doesnt use -w switch

If one puts one strict, it spews out warnings and errors!


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