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NPI is a simple calculator that supports Reverse Polish Notation, devised by Jan Lukasiewicz in the Twenties to allow evaluation of mathematical expressions without brackets. It supports completion and command history.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Mar 2013 21:44

    Release Notes: Shadowrun RPG dice roller commands have been added.

    •  21 Mar 2013 07:04

      Release Notes: The migration to Python 3000 (+ Jabber/IRC bots too) was completed and doctests was added.

      •  13 Dec 2011 21:33

        Release Notes: A primitive Jabber bot (using SleekXMPP) which performs RPN mathematical operations was added. Migration to Python 3000 was initiated.

        •  26 Sep 2006 15:19

          Release Notes: Some new commands and aliases were added. A command read from the command line may now be executed.

          •  16 Jul 2006 14:56

            Release Notes: A primitive IRC bot that performs RPN mathematical operations was added.


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