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NovaWM is a very fast, very small, and very unique window manager.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Dec 2002 03:35

    Release Notes: Configure support, many unrecorded fixes (such as better treatment of transient windows), new menu file syntax (refer to Documentation page on, and other things. This is the final Alpha release. The next release has been promoted to Beta status and will be yet another complete rewrite from scratch of NovaWM with a focus on compliance with standards (such as EHWM).

    •  05 Jun 2002 17:10

      Release Notes: This release has even more bug fixes. Unmap Ignore is now done differently. Instead of counting the number of unmap events to ignore, a list of specific window IDs from which to ignore the event are used. NovaWM has GNOME support. Bugs were fixed related to grabbing the pointer in moving and resizing. NovaWM is more accurate with storing the correct window geometry after moving, resizing, and maximizing windows. The --disable-bar option is also properly honored.

      •  16 Apr 2002 02:38

        Release Notes: NovaWM 0.6 Alpha has a lot of new features and improvements! Features and Improvements include: Lots of bug fixes (Haven't seen any crashes yet, report any you may get!), If the NovaBar is disabled(--disable-bar option) you will be able to use the root menus, Click to focus, Titlebar with lowered text shows window focus, Better window focus ,Uses xpms for titlebar button icons, Virtual Desktop Support(Ctrl+[ switches to the previous desktop and Ctrl+] switches to the next desktop), Handles unmap properly most of the time,and Highlighting support in the window list.

        •  30 Dec 2001 04:10

          Release Notes: Menu highlighting support, improved menu item space (New Font), improved icons and buttons, a configurable menu, an improved Destroy Handler, and a new Restart function.

          •  07 Nov 2001 06:32

            Release Notes: Kill/Destroy, problems with Motif Hints on some windows (like Netscape and Mozilla), titlebar size, and window sizes were fixed. Configuration was started (but is far from complete). Scolling support, improved window raising and hiding/minimizing, support for transient windows, hide support for windows with motif hints, and general bugfixes/improvements were added.


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