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Notion is a tiling tabbed window manager for X. This means the screen can be freely divided into tiles that contain the client windows. Multiple client windows can occupy the same tile; in that case they will be tabbed, much like browser tabs. This way, windows will not overlap and it becomes easier to manage your screen real estate. Its functionality can be configured and even extended with Lua scripts. Various scripts are available, such as for NetWM features and multihead support.

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Recent releases

  •  29 Oct 2011 19:08

    Release Notes: This is the first release of Notion after the fork of Ion3. The authors have tried not to introduce any regressions with respect to Ion3. The most prominent changes are the addition of a "lazy_resize" winprop option for applications which resize slowly, various EMWH (aka NetWM)-related features and fixes, fixes in tab width calculation, various improvements in multihead support (mod_xinerama and mod_xrandr), introduction of mod_xkbevents, and various cleanups to the build system, including improved autodetection of lua.


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    A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


    Project Spotlight

    TurnKey TWiki Appliance

    A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.