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Note Editor is an editor for music notation that supports an unlimited number of staffs and up to 9 voices per staff. The import formats are MIDI files, recorded from MIDI keyboards and TSE3. The export formats are MIDI, MusiXTeX, LilyPond, PMX, MUP, and TSE3.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Apr 2006 21:21

    Release Notes: Support for direct printing and print preview was added. Mouse wheel behaviour was improved (zoom in/out, quick scroll, and vertical scroll). gcc4 is supported, and there are many warning fixes and internal cleanups. There are many documentation additions and fixes. Copy and paste of beamed elements no longer crashes. Fixes for KDE 3.5 compatibility and keyboard lock-ups. Slur/Tie position is now dependent on the number of voices and default stem direction. Many UI polishes and English expression fixes. Many more features and bugfixes.

    •  09 Dec 2005 18:59

      Release Notes: A soprano clef has been added. Score info fields and staff names can now include double quotes ("). One-click MIDI file import was implemented. Automatic bar placement is disabled if no time signature is defined. The main window title now includes the score title and subtitle. There is a new application icon and a splash screen. The main window position and size is saved (default: available screen geometry). All toolbar settings are saved and restored. The last selected key or time signature is remembered, and is selected automatically when inserting it the second time. Many bugs were fixed.

      •  05 Mar 2005 21:28

        Release Notes: This is the first release made by the new development team. A little improvement and some bugfixes were done.

        •  31 Aug 2004 19:18

          Release Notes: This is said to be the last version (by the original author) as development has stopped.

          •  04 Apr 2004 20:57

            Release Notes: This release adds configurable auto-insertion of beams during note insertion. Exporting to ABC is almost completely functional, including guitar chord diagrams and all 5 drum notes. Exporting/importing of guitar chord diagrams to/from MusicXML has been added. Note shifting by mouse wheel is enabled.

            Recent comments

            15 Oct 2011 16:43 jberger

            Given that Berlios is due to disappear shortly, I have started a mirror of the source here:

            I have also updated it to compile with a recent version of gcc (it compiles on my up to date ArchLinux box). However, this was done by replacing the build system from the autotools to SCons+sconstools ( The source code modifications should be valid whatever the build system, but the autotools scripts do not work at the moment.

            15 Aug 2006 13:19 suamor

            Re: Dependency problems
            NoteEdit no longer comes with rpm's. Several distributors like SuSE, Mandriva, Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat (CCRMA) offer packages of NoteEdit. You should ask them about new releases.
            NoteEdit requires now KDE3, tse3, the autotools (and dependencies) and of course a backend like lilypond to compile and work.

            16 Jan 2004 00:15 Vintermann

            Dependency problems

            I tried to install this from the rpm, it required hordes of obscure c++ libs compiled with gcc 2.96, no less.
            The packages the RPM listed as needed are practically impossible to get. An updated RPM would benice...
            That said,I'll have another go at the tarball.

            15 Dec 2001 06:21 sigra

            Re: UI Intuiting

            > Also it dosen't appear mid format IO
            > isn't supported, only on export. It
            > would be nice to
            > see direct loading of the mid format

            MIDI Import is handled by the TSE3 library. Make sure
            you compile NoteEdit with TSE3 and then chose the
            menu item "TSE3"->"MIDI in" and then use the "Filter
            dialog" and TSE3 to score. Don't forget to read the
            MIDI import discussion section in the documentation.

            15 Dec 2001 06:10 learfox

            UI Intuiting
            The interface for editing notes isn't very
            intuitive at first, it can get a bit frustrating
            adding a note and adjusting its attributes.

            Also it dosen't appear mid format IO isn't supported, only on export. It would be nice to
            see direct loading of the mid format along
            with a more intuitive way to edit notes.


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