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NorthStar is a system to track IP allocations and assign them to specific devices, owners, and locations.  NorthStar can nest allocations as deep as you like and also has a user permissions system to control additions, modifications, and deletions of data.


Recent releases

  •  22 May 2002 03:33

    Release Notes: Module support, a native API, huge internal changes, 3.x support, an automated installation script, and various bugfixes.

    •  01 Apr 2002 13:46

      Release Notes: In this release, addresses are now added as /32 networks, devices are no longer required to add a network, devices can be linked to any combination of Location/Owner or can be set to 'Global', the View select and Template select pages are bypassed if only one view/template exists, and there is a range function for both addresses and netblocks. When deleting a network you can now select whether you want to delete the block and all children or just move the children up the tree. Block Priorities are now supported and there is also a Java network viewer. There were some major documentation updates and various bugfixes also in this release.

      •  07 Mar 2002 03:11

        Release Notes: Removal of dependency on Net::IP, block status bits (Allocated,Assigned,Reclaim,Blocked), a network allocation wizard, Tree Update fixes, various bugfixes, and audit log searching.

        •  09 Feb 2002 04:50

          Release Notes: Changing SQL to be more DB independent (MySQL should work), removing old listing code, removing old HTML files not in use anymore, new audit logging and views, and a code cleanup.

          •  02 Feb 2002 21:26

            Release Notes: The SQL code was changed to be more DB independent. The program should now work with MySQL. Old listing code was removed. Old, unused HTML files were removed. Audit logging was added. Views were added. The code was cleaned up.


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