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23 May 2001 09:04 drichard1

Really Useful!
I use Normalize to "normalize" MP3's from various sources. I write out the MP3 to a WAV, run Normalize, and then re-encode using a VBR format with Xing (or pick your fav. encoder). Have fixed a number of muted files that way. Would love to see a project that can front-end this process! Keep it going!

24 Feb 2001 06:26 jonik

Great work
This is such a great program, especially the batch
mode. When processing a whole album, you can
adjust the volume of the songs while still
preserving their relative levels, which is excellent.

Much better than any Windows normalizer I've used :)

30 Jan 2001 19:27 wadearnold

This is one of the easist applications for making audio cd's sound like they were mastered. It is impossible for a 'mix' CD to have the same levels. Thanks for making such an easy to use application that does a perfect job! Thanks for making it free too!!

30 Oct 2000 06:22 karellen

Very useful app. I've been looking for such stuff for a while now because
the MP3's I used to burn audio CD's didn't have the same volume
levels and I constantly had to adjust the volume knob. Now
all those problems are gone since I normalize all the MP3's
used to burn a certain audio CD. Thank you for this nice app.


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