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Internode Nodemap

Internode Nodemap is a network visualization tool. Using SNMP, it gathers a periodic snapshot of the current state of the network. Then, under instructions from its config file, it plots a series of "maps" of the network over the top of GIF images in the Web server's document root, using color and HTML CSS to indicate potential performance or reliability problems. The maps are hierarchical "drill-down" views of the network. The top-level map is a summary which can be clicked on to reveal specific details; these more specific maps can also have additional maps nested within.

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Recent releases

  •  10 Aug 2004 15:47

    Release Notes: A regex-parsing bug in has been fixed. Support for user-specified line thickness and "shaded" links has been added. SNMP communities and versions can now be specified in update_stats and update_pktloss have been completely replaced with a new scheduler. The "Expect" routine which scripts ssh/rsh sessions was completely rewritten to make it more robust and to fix a bug which made it occasionally chew up all the VTYs on a router.


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