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07 Aug 2006 15:25 Supaplex

Re: multi-threaded scanning suggestion
Did I mention I found hummingbird? It does what I'm after. Take a look at it.

Thanks again :)

25 Oct 2005 17:48 Pfv2

good software
very useful tool. Thanks for making this free.

07 Jul 2004 05:37 Supaplex

multi-threaded scanning suggestion
At one time there was a nice little utility that scanned with two

threads. (and was very fast!) one thread would transmit, and

the other would log open ports as soon as they were

received. It used a touch of crypto to ensure it wasn't

receiving spoofs. scanning from two machines (or more)

would be a neat trick as well, as all the traffic initiators could

scan in behalf of the listener, and the listiner would log any

ports that were open matching the crypto signature.

Due to port speed scanning limitations and throttoling

requirments, you can scan one port on multiple hosts until

you've exausted all hosts, then scan for another port. This

lessens the need for throttoling.

I'd say mention my name somewhere, but I'm sure nmap has

a zillion contruibitors by now.

21 Jan 2004 17:22 fyodor

Re: The coolest tool for Linux!
Thanks, I am glad you find Nmap useful! I agree that an explicit field for command-line arguments would be valuable. But for now, sticking them in the "Target(s)" field works fine. Newer versions of NmapFE also support a larger selection of Nmap arguments, making this less-often necessary. And of course you can always use the standard command-line version of Nmap for custom commands.


20 Jun 2003 04:54 gaprofit

The coolest tool for Linux!
I like it very much, haven't found nothing better since now!!

A suggestion: please add a command line textbox in the GUI version,

because many options are not accessible through nmapfe.

Thanks a lot, you're the best!! :-)

04 May 2003 07:32 ykzj

Re: good scanner

> Thanks! And good idea, --without-nmapfe
> has been added.

But I can't download it from your website

26 Feb 2003 14:16 fyodor

Re: good scanner
Thanks! And good idea, --without-nmapfe has been added.

14 Jan 2002 11:15 ciever2k

Very good...
I like it ! it works very good, stable, secure and a lot of things.

02 May 2000 03:02 karellen

good scanner
This is the best, most flexible and featured open-source port
scanner currently available. Please add a --without-nmapfe
option to the configure script.


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