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NJAMD (Not Just Another Malloc Debugger) is a malloc debugger that tries harder. It is completely threadsafe with immediate underflow and overflow detection, and features protecting already freed memory, heap persistence (for postmortem analysis) and excellent documentation. It traces all calls to malloc and free, even those wrapped in other libraries (i.e., widget allocation or C++ new and delete) back to your code. It does all this with minimal overhead, practically fast enough to be used as standard malloc, and without the need to even recompile or even relink your code.


Recent releases

  •  02 Mar 2001 18:08

    Release Notes: Several showstopper bugs related to pthreads and portability have been fixed. Core dumping ability has been improved.

    •  09 Feb 2001 12:48

      Release Notes: This release includes noticable optimization when using NJAMD_CHK_FREE=none.

      •  05 Oct 2000 09:58

        Release Notes: HPUX and AIX support, symbol translation on Linux, kernel patches for Linux to debug large applications, memory statistics and usage information are now provided, signal handling bugfixes, all around better signal handling, and several bugfixes.

        •  20 May 2000 21:00

          Release Notes: Storing a limited call trace instead of a single return address, a new option to get return addresses from libraries as opposed to just static code, a new function to be called from gdb to retrieve info on a pointer, an option to just track memory leaks by only wrapping standard libc malloc(), and more bugfixes.

          •  21 Apr 2000 03:12

            Release Notes: Fixes for problems relating to pthreads, C++ constructors/destructors, and return addresses, and support for building on systems without ncurses or pthreads.


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