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09 Aug 2002 12:29 ascii2k

Great package!!
Just wanted to add my 2cents. This is an excellent product! I highly recommend it. If/When we get to see 3.0 it is going to be even better!!

23 Apr 2001 03:31 fabbione

Re: MRTG Import Script
Well done Brett!

22 Apr 2001 05:32 pieffe

I use it...
well, 2.0 it's finally out.
Please test it on a fast mysql server, I need to understand
if it's my machine that's too slow of if we need some more
work to better support large networks.
Support for 64 bits counters is there but you need to recompile
your php snmp library. Blame php developers, not Brett on this. I use it with Cisco routers and it works well.


10 Feb 2001 02:24 Phee

MRTG Import Script
There is now a script available for NISCA that will import data from MRTG logfiles. Come 'n' get it! :)


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