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Nirvana and Matrix

Nirvana is a Java based message oriented middleware package supporting the publish subscribe model. It supports message persistence and XML DOM Documents as well as straight TCP communications and HTTP/HTTPS tunneling. Nirvana supports a federated namespace and instances can be joined together. Matrix is a connector framework providing "out of the box" connectors for most commonly used middleware products. Matrix supports a "many 2 many" configuration in a single instance and allows the user to define transactions that define relationships between source and destination systems.


Recent releases

  •  21 May 2001 16:27

    Release Notes: A new nJMS API was added for Nirvana, providing JMS API access. A COM interface for Nirvana was added. Transactional Morphs (Content Transformation) with Matrix are now possible. Major performance improvements were made for both Nirvana & Matrix. The memory footprint for Nirvana was reduced. The Nirvana server and client can now be used on Personal Java. A download is available for WinCE machines. A new Talarian SmartSockets conduit is available for Matrix. The HTTP transport driver was improved. Nirvana's namespace now provides the ability for remote Nirvana realms to be mounted within a local server's naming context. Client redirection is automatically handled by the server instances.

    •  15 Jan 2001 15:22

      Release Notes: Nirvana and Matrix are now at 0.9, the early access release. Many improvements have been made. Nirvana now has support for server side filtering on a client by client basis, support for filtering on Joins ( server 2 server connections between channels ), a security upgrade including both access control and entitlements, the ability to support SSL through JSSE, entitlements based upon a certificates CN, and a new administration tool that controls Nirvana's namespace and allows the user to customize server runtime parameters. Matrix now has support for Virtual transactions, the ability to define relationships between different transactions on different instances of Gatekeepers, and Remote Management and control of Gatekeeper instances.

      •  11 Jun 2000 15:55

        Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; a new package (Matrix) that provides a generic connector framework for the distribution of data between disparate feeds, new status events, a new C++ version of the client side API, support for proxies requiring user authentication within the HTTP driver, flow control between server joins, loop detection, TTL, and Hop Count values, updates to XML support for the latest Xerces package, removal of all TXDocument references, a logging system (nLogger) for both Matrix and Nirvana, numerous bugfixes, complete Realm support, and addition of nJMS (a near-JMS wrapper).


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