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nioReactor is a framework for quickly building scalable event-driven network applications. It is built on top of the Reactor design pattern using NIO sockets. This provides high performance and allows for a complete separation from the application specific code. The goal of the project is to provide a simple set of APIs that allow users to build scalable servers without needing to deal with with the cumbersome and sometimes temperamental peaces of the NIO package.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Dec 2010 02:54

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. The interface was changed to allow any arbitrary ExecutorService to be used as the worker pool.

    •  25 Nov 2010 02:40

      Release Notes: Two issues were fixed. Asynchronous callback methods were added for socket writes. The ability to write ByteBuffers to a socket was added.

      •  18 Nov 2010 00:18

        Release Notes: The ability to dynamically close ports was added.

        •  25 Oct 2010 22:37

          Release Notes: This initial release provides the core elements of the project. This includes an architecture based on the Reactor pattern, asynchronous TCP sockets, multi-threaded workers, concurrent pooled dispatchers, and server/client connectivity.


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