Comments for NiL Isn't Liero

10 Apr 2004 15:33 LordFalcon

It lives as it seems
Why doesn't someone update this page I have no idea but it seems this game is living on...

07 Feb 2002 17:31 frew

It's really too bad that this project has died, or seemed to anyway. It's an awesome game, I just wish that it would get developed more. If I had a better background in programming I would probably think about developing it some myself, since it IS opensource, it won't dissapear like the original Liero.

16 Oct 2001 07:24 tuxjay

I agree with my good friend atomice
Yes, see that subject!

NiL really is the best thing to happen to the Linux world since ever! Why oh why haven't you made another release in ages. It saddens me incredibly that I haven't had a new release in so long. I lie in bed dreaming of the day when the next version will come out, and sometimes have nightmares that the developer is dead and I will never be able to play again.

Please oh please make a new release.

Love James

16 Oct 2001 07:22 atomice

This is the best thing that ever happened to Linux.
It's a shame development has stopped :(((((((

30 Dec 1999 13:29 mibin

site down
Hmm it seems the homepage and download site have been put down due to excessive load
Hope that is fixed soon, 'cause i'd really like to give it a try


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