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Nift (Network Intrusion Footprinting Tool) is graphical frontend (written in GTK+) for footprinting tools and methods already freely avaliable. Its purpose is to aid sysadmins in securing their site by allowing them to quickly check their network to see how much data can be gained by an attacker and used towards cracking their systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jan 2002 03:54

    Release Notes: Removal of support for queso and netcat (replaced by nmap and a SOCK_STREAM client to function as a banner grabber and as a base for enumeration tests), and a new progress bar to keep track of how far the tests have progressed.

    •  10 Jan 2002 19:55

      Release Notes: Indivigual option checking, a fix for the start/abort issues, reenabling option locking, colorized output (easier to read the important info), a logging feature, fixes for scan options that would segmentation fault, removal of the spinbutton method for selecting scan intensity, and new nmap OS detection through UDP protocols.


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