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NiceSTEP Java Components

NiceSTEP Java Components is a set of Java Beans and standard dialogs that give your Java application the look and feel of N*XTstep, GNUstep, and WindowMaker. It includes useful sample applications: Slide Projector, an image viewer/organizer with integrated slideshow, NiceSTEP Editor, a simple text editor with N*XT style scrollbars, NiceSTEP FTP, a graphical FTP client, and NiceSTEP CD Burner, a front end to mkisofs and cdrecord. Components include a N*XT-style scrollbar, a listbox, checkboxes, radio buttons, a 3D line, a multi-line label with a 3D border, text editing components, a directory navigator, pulldown buttons, popup lists, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jun 2002 19:37

    Release Notes: A new Address Book Browser lets you search LDAP directories by Common Name, select entries, then export them in LDIF format. This makes it possible to copy address book entries from Lotus Notes, etc. to the address book of GNUstep's

    •  18 Mar 2002 15:20

      Release Notes: The NiceScrollPane was improved, and now allows you to scroll Swing components like tables using NeXTSTEP-like scrollbars. A NiceSTEP yEnc Decoder application is now included. This program allows you to decode Usenet postings in the popular yEnc format.

      •  18 Feb 2002 17:18

        Release Notes: NiceSTEP now uses JDK 1.2 features like drag and drop file management and improved printing with a better selection of fonts. In addition, the NiceSTEP application framework has been enhanced to make it easier to add new menu options to the canonical menu.

        •  08 Nov 2001 03:10

          Release Notes: NiceSTEP now includes the NiceSTEP Application Framework which allows you to easily create truly N*XT-like applications with multiple document windows, a canonical menu with tear-off submenus, and more.

          •  09 Apr 2001 23:30

            Release Notes: A new sample project (NiceSTEP Java Tar, a Tar/Zip utility with a GUI that performs most of the functions of a program like WinZip) and several bugfixes.


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