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Newscoop (formerly known as Campsite) is an open content management system for professional journalists. Features for the modern newsroom include multiple author management, issue-and-section based publishing, geolocation, and multilingual content management. The enterprise-standard journalist’s dashboard and a templating engine supporting anything from HTML5 to mobile complete this fast production and publishing system.

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Campsite becomes Newscoop! 17 Jan 2011 16:49

Campsite, the open content management system for professional journalists, is now called Newscoop. Newscoop takes Sourcefabric's decade-long experience of making tools for journalists (not to mention the many years before that of actually working in the industry), and builds an open source, free and multilingual enterprise publishing system for the 21st century newsroom. Our journalist-centred multi-author management and issue-based approach is no secret but Newscoop builds on this even further with some of the most powerful geolocation tools ever seen in an CMS, plus a powerful templating engine capable of producing anything from HTML 5 to mobile. Journalism is back and only a click away. Newscoop 3.5 RC2 is available for testing now:

Recent releases

  •  10 Jun 2013 14:29

    Release Notes: This release adds a new REST API, a new responsive theme, a Newscoop theme cookbook for Web designers, and a focus on the Arabic-speaking world with two groundbreaking news sites, a backend localization, and a user manual translated into Arabic.

    •  29 Jan 2013 13:10

      Release Notes: This release has been updated to include frontend search capabilities powered by Solr, an Open Source search platform used by Netflix, Instagram, SourceForge, NASA,, and Apple. Solr’s major features include powerful fulltext searches, hit highlighting, faceted searches, dynamic clustering, database integration, and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling.

      •  08 Jan 2013 11:53

        Release Notes: This release offers an improvement to the performance of comment management with a “show more comments” button that allows journalists to browse paginated comments. Alongside this new feature, there were a number of bugfixes related to the upgrade from the previous version, plus improvement of library handling with the use of Composer (a dependency manager for PHP).

        •  13 Dec 2012 16:57

          Release Notes: This release fixes a vulnerability which exploited the Admin interface’s password restoration. This patch permanently fixes that issue, and allows full use of the password restore functionality. Upgrading is highly recommended for all users. In addition, there are improvements to the media archive which offer far greater stability to news organisations with large collections of images, and articles, topics, themes, and performance have all seen minor fixes and improvements.

          •  12 Jul 2012 15:03

            Release Notes: This is a bugfix release which, amongst other things, ensures Newscoop now works correctly with PHP 5.4 and improves the usability of the new comments and related article features. The hidden filter in comments management now only displays hidden comments and comments no longer approved by default, even though moderation is enabled. Related articles are now copied from the original article with the action "duplicate", and related articles for a translated article no longer have the title "null". Numerous other bugfixes improve stability and the UI.

            Recent comments

            10 Mar 2009 16:48 campware

            Re: Could Really Benefit from Some Support Forums
            We not only have support forums and mailing lists, but we have also been offering paid priority support for several years now.

            All support options are listed here:

            19 Jan 2005 06:46 campware

            Re: Could Really Benefit from Some Support Forums
            Our forums are up and running on the website ( We're looking forward to your comments.

            05 Jun 2002 08:05 micz

            Re: Could Really Benefit from Some Support Forums

            > This project looks interesting, but
            > there doesn't appear to be any support
            > forums available.

            that is true. sorry about that. campsite is
            happening and you can see it in action at those
            pages: <a href=
            target=_blank> and
            <a href=

            the problem with all the support environment is
            that we are so bugged down with development and
            bug fixing that the real help, the community,
            can not yet fully get into the development.

            we need and will change that. i will post the
            new mailinglists on <a
            target=_blank> the
            one you refer to has been defunkt for some time

            04 Jun 2002 12:23 gilgongo

            Could Really Benefit from Some Support Forums
            This project looks interesting, but there doesn't appear to be any support forums available. There's a majordomo mailing list that you can subscribe to, but it doesn't work. A search on Google groups reveals nothing.

            For a GPL-ed project this is pretty odd. Looking forward to actually getting it working though - seems that a major component - the &quot;parser&quot; - is missing. Looks like I'll just have to bug the authors...


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