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Nevitium Invoice Manager

Nevitium was developed to put small business owners in control of their customer service and vendor relations. Developed by a person who has been supporting small businesses for twenty years, Nevitium is concise, simple, and powerful. It can create, track, and manage invoices and quotes. Invoice Manager and My Connections assist you with customers' invoices, payments, and purchase histories. It ships with the reports you need to calculate tax liabilities and conduct efficient product ordering. Those are just the basics; there are other tools for printing labels (inventory barcode and address) and printing checks, among others.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2011 16:23

    Release Notes: Many changes driven by user requests. A redesigned interface to support small screens like netbooks and newer wide-screen monitors. Extensive support for VAT/GST calculations and cash sale rounding. Bugfixes.

    •  27 May 2010 14:10

      Release Notes: A small bug that occurred when saving a shipping address and setting it as the default was fixed.

      •  25 May 2010 04:13

        Release Notes: Locale-based date formats, custom currency symbol support, multi-company support, the ability to provide invoice numbers manually, POS mode and paper width settings, services handling in the inventory, an Invoice Manager and a new quote system that replaces the "Invoice On-Hold" feature, new icon sets, and an enhanced security manager that allows comprehensive security restrictions for each user. Theme support was added and 10 different looks are provided. A utility that converts/imports version 1.4 "My Connections" and Inventory data was included.

        •  07 Nov 2009 13:55

          Release Notes: This release features simple straightforward menus, support for international address formats, management of quotes, table preview for business reports, and more.

          •  25 Feb 2007 08:12

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            06 Nov 2009 19:34 datavirtue

            Nevitium 1.5 is Due to be released January 2010. Visit for updates.

            10 Mar 2007 08:05 datavirtue

            Update for Linux/Unix users!
            A couple of updates have been published. One is critical and the other is to fix Nevitium so that it launches your favortie PDF viewer automatically for ~nix users. The critical update applies to all systems. If you downloaded after 03/05/07 then you don't need the critical update.

            Make sure your version says 1.0a and NOT 1.0.

            Apply the critical update before using Nevitium again or reinstall from the updated downloads available on the website. Then apply the update.

            Visit the website for more information.




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