Comments for Network UPS Tools

28 Feb 2010 16:30 clepple

Just to confirm, the NUT website is indeed, and the mailing list page on Alioth should work to get in touch with the developers. If anything appears to be down in the future, and you can't contact us via the mailing lists, you could also try to reach us via the freshmeat "Report problem" link above.

29 Jul 2008 01:35 learfox

Links still broken - 2008 Jul 24
I'm not sure that is the correct URL either. Although it does go to a site, the links there are broken. All the e-mail contacts on there and the author listed here on for Network UPS Tools don't bounce or response. The mailing list page dosen't work either so there's totally no way to contact anyone.

PS: I've been trying to resolve this for a week and with no results.

07 Jan 2005 11:52 sad321

web page link is outdated
The web page link shown for this project should be updated to the current link. The link shown for this project in the freshmeat pages is but that should be changed to the new page at


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