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Netwatch allows a user to monitor an Ethernet segment or PPP line and examine activity on the network. Hostnames are highlighted in colours to indicate activity on the bus network based on time. The monitor includes statistics on transmitted and received packets, transmitted and received bytes, protocol of last packet (TX or RC), last communication partner (IP address) and Logging entire stats to an ASCII file. There is a TOP mode which allows a sorted list of hosts based on IP usage. All info is updated on a per second basis.


Recent releases

  •  20 Oct 2007 20:01

    Release Notes: Pthreads and semaphores were implemented.

    •  29 Nov 2000 16:12

      Release Notes: New features include configuration files for logging and colors, a passive mode for logging, a Netbus and Back orifice Pacekt watch, Mac Ethernet Address watch, HTTP and FTP server types, and many other features.

      •  26 May 1999 15:46

        Release Notes: PPP line support (specify ppp device instead of ethernet), statistics fixed for burst info (disabled while in freeze mode).

        •  22 May 1999 07:55

          Release Notes: Config file fixes, freeze display feature (continued monitoring for remote access), Periodic automated logging (i.e. 10:00AM each day, with cleaning)

          •  31 Mar 1999 16:10

            Release Notes: 64 bit patches for Alpha, smaller leaner release, bug fixes (exit fix for console screen), B.O. and NetBus watches and config file settings for common Netwatch options.

            Recent comments

            16 Sep 1999 00:19 dhoover

            There are RPMS avail
            Check out this page:

            10 Mar 1999 20:18 nihil

            netwatch site is up, and there's a 0.8d version since jan 19
            I checked the site mentioned in the .lsm :
            to find a rather new version, from january 19th.


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