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Netscape Communicator is the all-in-one web browser and communications suite that makes it easy to send Internet email, read newsgroups, create web pages, and browse the World Wide Web.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2008 22:40

    Release Notes: This release includes the security fixes made in Mozilla Firefox An add-on has been included to help users migrate to either Flock or Firefox. This is the final release of Netscape Navigator before support for the Netscape client products ends on March 1st, 2008.

    •  30 Nov 2007 13:37

      Release Notes: This release includes the three security fixes made in Mozilla Firefox

      •  05 Nov 2007 02:06

        Release Notes: This release is based on Mozilla Firefox, most notably including the security vulnerability fixes made in

        •  26 Oct 2007 21:20

          Release Notes: This release is based on Mozilla It adds many new features such as URL correction, Link Pad, Sidebar Mini Browser, resizable text areas, inheritance of tab history, and OPML support for bookmarks.

          •  22 Aug 2004 03:13

            Release Notes: This release is based on Mozilla 1.7.2. It includes all of Mozilla's enhancements since the previous release based on Mozilla 1.4 RC3.

            Recent comments

            14 Feb 2001 16:23 linux4tea

            Re: Size, stability, and market share
            I sadly agree that Netscape is heading in completely
            the wrong direction in almost all respects. Its more
            bloated , its more buggy , although it does appear to
            crash a bit less granted !, the unfriendliest interface
            and at the moment probably has the WORST
            rendering engine going . Any Web administrator will
            vouch for the fact that NS is almost completely
            disappeared from the Site Logs. In the Win32 World
            its completely gone in favour or IE . The paradox is
            that the Win32 version of netscape is actually quite
            good ! The Linux version for sure is almost completely
            unuseable (v6.01) and quite frankly an insult to the
            linux community. v6 was a pretty poor effort but you
            kinda let that by as an beta release ( even though it
            wasn;t !) . Having the next release go even further in
            the mire is quite unacceptable. Its maybe a sign of the
            maturing Linux market that software of this quality is
            no longer acceptable to us , many of us now require
            good product for our day to day business. However
            the death of Netscape as a force in the browser
            market is maybe a good thing. Time for some new
            blood and I personally find Konqueror to be already a
            far superior product , even in it current "beta"
            state.(1.9.8) It renders better pages, Has better core
            features and useability. I dont need portal stuff and t
            he likes forced down my throat. I want a browser and I
            want it lean and mean and good at just that .
            Konqueror wins hands down across the board. I
            think that it is already better than IE in terms of
            approach and speed and ease of use. Obviously IE is
            more mature in many respects but I remember IE2 ,
            even 3 .. utter pants !!!! We needn't be concerned
            there . OK its maybe my personal preference (as a
            user and an network administrator ) but I dont like
            IE's (and indeed NS) desire to want us to use the
            same big product for ALL net services . I just dont
            see it . How many use Netscape for Email ?? exactly !
            How many wish they didn't use Outlook .. plenty ! The
            only thing I miss at the moment is the loss of some of
            the all pervasive plug-in technology requirements e.g
            Flash,Real etc. ( but even then its only because of the
            annoying download page !!) But as we vote with our
            feet that situation cannot last I am sure. Then you
            look at how these products impliment features we
            need on a regular basis . Take Print dialogues .. The
            Netscape one is a poor unfriendly effort with no select
            ability . IMO its a thrown together port of the windows
            version where no effort has been made to make it
            work in a native friendly way As a network
            administrator i would NEVER give this to "users" . The
            level of helpdesk support this would need would be
            horrific !! Konqueror on the other hand is able to read
            all the available printers .. including Network printers .
            names . comments to lot. User friendly and ready for
            the "user" desktop. If we want to see Linux move onto
            the corporate desktop we have to reject NS and
            embrace proper ported software. The King is dead ,
            long live the King.

            10 Feb 2001 05:09 brat

            Re: Netscape v6.0

            > Don't forget my friends:
            > it's spelled N-e-t-s-c-a-p-e, but it's
            > pronounced "Mozilla."

            Hmm- Don't you mean N-e-t-s-c-a-p-e, but its pronounced "Slow-as-crap-overblown-bloatware-that-crashes-all-the-damn-time-for-no-apparent-reason"???

            When will there be a worthwhile alternative???

            09 Feb 2001 14:20 wesmo

            Re: Mozilla/Netscape is crap.
            Admittedly, I have to agree. Netscape 6.0, so far, has been a mistake. It blatantly used the user base as alpha/beta testers for a product that was not production-ready. Massively huge and unstable in comparison to Netscape 4.76, it only succeeded in turning OFF people.

            Sure, the interface looks nice and all, but, geeze, if it craps out half the time, and the other half of the time it has trouble rendering GOOD pages properly, then what use is it?

            I do however, disagree with the ordering of SPEED and then STABILITY. It should be the other way around: Stability, then speed. An application that crashes faster doesn't do much for ya. :)

            09 Feb 2001 13:46 phanlord

            Re: Size, stability, and market share

            > Nah, they've done some good work, it's
            > just not been
            > packaged very well. Look up Skipstone
            > or Galeon
            > here on Freshmeat, two GTK-based web
            > browserrs
            > which use Mozilla's HTML renderer and
            > nothing else.
            > Very responsive, less bloat, more
            > fun.

            well maybe GUI part is responsive but the HTML rendere is too slow. Netscape 4.7 its at least 50 times faster then famous gecko engine which then does not even support standards.I dont like M$ and IE but I would like to see IE on my Linux box then bother with slow 20 MB HTML rendere.

            09 Feb 2001 13:28 salsadoom

            Mozilla/Netscape is crap.

            This was hyped as much as any microsoft product, perhaps even more. And, it is probably one of the worst pieces of crap OSS ever made. I wanted this as much as the next guy, but its slow as hell, unstable, and bloated.

            Netscape/Mozilla people might release an update that fixes a few bugs and adds more useless features (IRC client anyone? Wtf!) but why don't they learn from past mistakes and release a new version with what Netscape REALLY needs: SPEED and then, STABILITY.


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