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The netpipes package makes TCP/IP streams usable in shell scripts. It can also simplify client/server code by allowing the programmer to skip all the tedious programming bits related to sockets and concentrate on writing a filter/service.

Applications of these utilities can include file transfer, network backups, HTTP queries, remote procedure calls, and TCP daemon testing.

The SSL encryption filter available in the US/Canada version can be applied by shell scripts communicating with secure HTTPDs and can be used to make an SSL IMAPD out of a non-SSL one. (requires the SSLeay library).

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07 Mar 2000 23:06 chronos

Great for Data Migration
NetPipes makes it possible for PostgreSQL users to extract database contents using pg_dump and simultaneously recreate this data using psql on the other end of the connection. It eliminates the need to output to a temporary file, saving disk space. A very useful tool.


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