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Net::FTPServer is a full-featured, secure, extensible, and highly configurable FTP server which can serve files from a standard file system or a relational database. It is written in Perl, which provides natural protection against buffer overflows. It has feature parity with popular C-based servers such as wu-ftpd. The server offers virtual hosts (IP-based and experimental IP-less). It is configurable in Perl, for both small Perl "hacks" in the configuration file all the way up to complete server "personalities". It supports the latest RFCs and Internet Drafts. Authentication may be done through /etc/passwd, PAM or an authentication plug-in. Resource limits are supported. The server may run standalone or from inetd. chroot() jails are supported along with sophisticated programmable access control rules. All aspects of server use and configuration are comprehensively documented in a manual running to some 50 pages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 May 2002 15:26

    Release Notes: The "Full" personality now supports external password files (optionally replacing the use of PAM). A Debian package is now available.

    •  27 Mar 2002 19:35

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  28 Oct 2001 19:24

        Release Notes: This release includes structural enhancements which lead to the next stable 1.2x branch. It includes classes, extra hooks, advanced command filtering, more testing, and a simplified back-end interface. A large roadmap document is also included in this release.

        •  18 Sep 2001 18:03

          Release Notes: This experimental (and unstable) release contains support for generating archives of files and directories on the fly. This can be used in the conventional way (eg. download "file.gz.uue" to get a uuencoded compressed version of "file"), or in several unconventional ways (eg. download "dir.list.gz" to get on the fly compressed recursive directory listing of "dir"). Numerous bugs have also been fixed. The unit/regression test suite has been extended even further.

          •  27 Aug 2001 22:46

            Release Notes: The range of tests has been enhanced considerably (there are now over 400 unit tests and regression tests). Many minor bugs thus revealed have been fixed. Command line argument processing has been simplified and enhanced. Configuration options can now be specified on the command line as well as in the config file.


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