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NetCrack is cluster software developed to distribute a hashing algorithm's cracking process work using a brute force attack. Currently, it only supports the two most commonly used hashing algorithms: MD5 and SHA-1. Support is included for MySQL, safe mode, and others. It works like a client/server application, where the server is unique for each cluster network and its job is to distribute the cracking process work, coordinate the nodes, and prevent connections and data integrity errors.

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NetCrack 2 development status 16 Apr 2010 23:07

Today I finished the developing of the server side version of NetCrack 2.0. As already announced in previous news, this version is full of many features. Regarding the server, the main features are a total change of the communication protocol, a secure communication using the X.509 SSL certificate, the simultaneous hash cracking support and a comfortable nCurses control panel that lets you control all cluster activities. Currently, the software is in testing to avoid embarrassing security flaws. Now will start the development of the client side version, whose features, such as support for Nvidia GPUs, have already been tested successfully. On the program there is the addition of new more sophisticated algorithms, that require little time to be implemented and tested correctly.


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