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02 Jan 2002 05:39 barton

Netatalk 1.5 released
Starting with version 1.5pre7, Netatalk is now licensed under the GNU
General Public License (GPL), which is used by many Open Source/Free Software projects as their license of choice. We chose this license to allow us to develop Netatalk as freely as possible and to ensure that
Netatalk will stay free in the future.

Netatalk now makes use of the GNU autotools (autoconf, automake, and
libtool) for building. This increases the portability of Netatalk as well
as the flexibility of the build system, and helps make the whole build
process more transparent. Ports to new platforms and enhancement to the source code can now be handled much easier.

Netatalk 1.5 features a new experimental DID tracking system, based on Berkeley DB3 files. The scheme, known as CNID-DB, is intended to end various problems concerning aliases and disappearing files encountered in earlier versions of Netatalk. This new DID scheme is scheduled to become the default DID in future Netatalk versions.


Netatalk tar-balls can be found at (
Binaries for Debian GNU/Linux will be added to the unstable distribution soon and will be available at every Debian non-US mirror. Binaries for other operating systems will be made available at the SourceForge site ( as time permits.

08 Nov 2000 16:00 rufustfirefly

Netatalk on Sourceforge
For those who don't know yet, netatalk and atalkconf are both in CVS on sourceforge. (

22 Feb 2000 00:43 lindner

asun patches have been moved
Adrian Sun's much appreciated patches have apparently been moved to (


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