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Net_NNTP is a PHP/PEAR library for communication with NNTP servers. Net_NNTP handles connection and protocol-level commands (RFC977), including many non-standard commands (RFC2980), via a user-friendly API which hides the actual NNTP commands/syntax. Some knowledge about NNTP and general knowledge about email and MIME is required, since parsing of content and headers is left up to the user. Net_NNTP allows advanced users direct usage of NNTP commands via the separate protocol implementation. Net_NNTP includes a fully-functional NNTP to HTML gateway demo application.

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Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2006 08:06

    Release Notes: A bug where mail() did not work was fixed along with notices in getOverview(). Loading deprecated (and never stable) classes now triggers warnings.

    •  06 Feb 2006 12:40

      Release Notes: A bug concerning notices in cmdListNewsgroups() when empty group descriptions were received was fixed.

      •  29 Dec 2005 00:10

        Release Notes: No longer localizes timestamps according to timezones when fetching new groups and articles (always sends GMT to the server).

        •  23 Dec 2005 00:34

          Release Notes: Posting-related methods have been rewritten. The client now features a mail() method identical to PHP's own mail() function.

          •  15 Dec 2005 03:13

            Release Notes: Support for encrypted (SSL/TLS) connections, a fully functional reader demo Web app, a major PHPDoc update/rewrite, and support for logging via the Log package. A minor backward compatibility break was made with the 1.1.x (beta) releases along with a serious backward compatibility break with the 1.2.x (alpha) releases. The experimental Net_NNTP_Header and Net_NNTP_Message classes were dropped. Previously unimplemented NNTP commands now allow access to article headers. The license was upgraded to the newer edition of the 'W3C SOFTWARE NOTICE AND LICENSE'.


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