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19 Jul 2008 11:06 j1024

Re: Compilation of net-tools
this patch helped me:

27 Mar 2007 13:46 berndecken

Re: Net-Tools Security Advisory from RedHat

> It's not there. Shame on you for

> advertising your blog by lies.

Dude, you have been answering to an 8 year old comment. It is not unreasonable to asume, that the link was valid a few years ago, dont you think?

Anyway current homepage is on berlios (and yes i would have updated that project but i cant w/o help from Phil. I plan to do that on next release which is somewhat ... flooooaaating :)


26 Mar 2007 13:13 proskin

Re: Net-Tools Security Advisory from RedHat
It's not there. Shame on you for advertising your blog by lies.

18 Mar 2007 06:23 eacepayeakermaye

Re: Compilation of net-tools
I inserted a semi-colon at line 108 of your file to get past a compile error.

Now I'm stuck at: (while compiling nettools 1.60)
cc -D_GNU_SOURCE -O2 -Wall -g -I. -idirafter ./include/ -Ilib -I/home/dpace/net-tools-1.60 -idirafter /home/dpace/net-tools-1.60/include -c -o x25_sr.o x25_sr.c
x25_sr.c: In function 'X25_setroute':
x25_sr.c:80: error: 'x25_address' undeclared (first use in this function)
x25_sr.c:80: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
x25_sr.c:80: error: for each function it appears in.)
make[1]: *** [x25_sr.o] Error 1

05 Mar 2007 16:14 myself_

Compilation of net-tools
I have an lfs system which was compiled myself. I do *not* claim that this is a clean environment to compile this package. I, nevertheless, had problems with /usr/include/linux/route.h. I compiled with C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/src/linux-2.6.x/include because i used linux-libc-headers. I noted in net-tools-1.60/lib/inet_sr.c the comment /* this is really broken */ after #include <linux/route.h>.

It failed to install, even with a number of patches i found on the internet. I was able to fix it by commenting out the #include <linux/route.h> and, after all other includes pasting struct rtentry {... as found in <linux/route.h>. This is apparently the only dependency on the linux/route.h file. This is not a great way to fix this problem, but it does work when all else fails.

26 Jun 1999 19:16 berndecken

Net-Tools Security Advisory from RedHat is recommended that you upgrade. The Link to the advisory and more information on the net-tools is on


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