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29 Sep 2003 19:25 amarasco

Patch for v1.6 if you have ICMP blocked
Some really REALLY stupid ISPs (like Adelphia cable) are blocking ICMP ping, thinking it will actually help stop worms, etc.

This patch works for a sample of one user, which is not me.

This is what I told him to do, and it worked:

1. Install the latest Net::Ping. To do that:
perl -MCPAN -e shell
(then you get a prompt)
install Net::Ping
(wait a while while it compiles, etc)

2. Erase old one - towards end of install it told me the old was still around:
rm /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0/Net/

3. Change net-check to look like this at the part where you see Net::Ping->new:

my $pinger = Net::Ping->new("syn");
my $good = 0;
for (1..$packets) {
print STDERR "ping #$_... \n";
sleep 2;
$good++ if $pinger->ack();

19 Sep 2002 17:51 amarasco

Known issue
I just upgraded to iputils v20020124 and found out that ping changed output format. Since it is not really a bug, more of a config issue, I didn't post a new version here. Simply change the $lossloc to 5 from 6. If you want the config check to work again, you also need to change the /packet loss/ to /% loss/

- Aaron


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