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Nemonico is a Slackware installer that features the ability to make the partitions used for installation encrypted with LUKS (all partitions except /boot). Other packages are provided for the correct functioning of the system.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Sep 2009 10:11

    Release Notes: This release can now scan disks for their current configuration. The ISO is smaller, but requires more memory. The nemopkgs can be fetched from or any other network URL. More improvements were made.

    •  07 Jun 2008 08:35

      Release Notes: A vault is used for storing the LUKS key(s) and can reside on a USB device, any block device, or on the network. LVM and MD devices are now supported. It is now possible to pre-create an installation configuration set for performing an auto-install. A better set of nemo tools were provided for managing the vault and te boot initram. Many fixes and improvements were made.

      Recent comments

      06 Sep 2009 10:07 ant_code

      0.1.3-[Batine Acid]

      New on this release .....

      Can scan disks for their current configuration.

      ISO is smaller but requires more memory.

      Can fetch the nemopkgs from or any other network URL.

      More improvements etc ... As always this is beta software so it will break, but now in more stranger places than before.


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