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nedmalloc is an extremely fast portable thread caching malloc implementation written in C for multiple threads without lock contention based on dlmalloc. It is optimized for x86 and x64, compatible with C++, and can patch itself into existing binaries on Windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2012 18:05

    Release Notes: This release fixes a showstopping bug involving concurrency on blocks > 8Kb being disabled for the system pool.

    •  10 Jul 2012 14:00

      Release Notes: This release fixes a calloc() overflow advisory and various bitrot, particularly for the latest Mac OS X release.

      •  19 May 2011 22:28

        Release Notes: Huge changes were made, including an experimental constant time VM allocator that runs in user space in Windows Vista or later, and lots of improvements to the documentation. The test framework was significantly improved. realloc() performance was significantly improved for large blocks on Windows. A policy driven STL metaprogramming adaptor was added for making std::vector<> have O(1) expansion performance and making use of rvalue reference constructors on C++0x. Lots of bugs were fixed.

        •  21 Mar 2010 17:52

          Release Notes: This release adds detection of whether the host process is using MSVCRT or MSVCRTD, and the fixing up of which runtime tolerant nedmalloc should use if nedmalloc was linked differently. It fixes many failed-to-compile bugs for various infrequently used combinations of compilers and options.

          •  13 Jan 2010 15:05

            Release Notes: Lots and lots of bugs were fixed. nedmalloc can now patch itself into existing binaries to replace the system allocator on Windows. It can now also act as threadcache for any arbitrary allocator, which vastly improves valgrind support. Due to such large changes, this version will undergo a lengthy beta release period.


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