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NEdit is a Unix text editor for programmers and general users. It combines a standard, easy-to-use, graphical user interface with the thorough functionality and stability required by users who edit text eight hours a day. It includes a macro language with a complete library of editing functions, state-of-the-art syntax highlighting for 30 common languages and text processors, and the best mouse-interactivity available in a Unix text editor.


Recent releases

  •  15 Oct 2004 08:34

    Release Notes: Improvements include tabbed windows for working with multiple documents in one window, Find and Clear buttons for the interactive search bar, improvements to the macro language, efficiency improvements, bugfixes, and more.

    •  03 Sep 2004 11:40

      Release Notes: This release includes a fix for keyboard problems, regular expression updates, fixed mnemonics in dialogs, and various fixes related to tabbed windows.

      •  04 Aug 2004 07:57

        Release Notes: Improvements include tabbed windows, improvements to the macro language, and of course efficiency improvements and bugfixes.

        •  24 Dec 2003 08:12

          Release Notes: This version boasts a number of new features, such as call tips, range sets, and backlighting, and a good number of bugfixes.

          •  22 Oct 2003 20:50

            Release Notes: This version boasts a number of new features, such as calltips, rangesets, and backlighting, and a good number of bugfixes. 5.4RC2 contains fixes for bugs discovered after the release of RC1.

            Recent comments

            07 Dec 2006 11:47 Draconishinobi

            nedit is the best
            nedit is the best editor (gui or otherwise) I have found so far, and I've been looking around for a long time.

            The only complaint I might have is that when you compile it from source you have to use certain versions of certain development libraries otherwise it will result in an "untested" version of nedit, and likely will not work properly. (I've built many "untested" versions, and none of them have worked properly ... problems include not being able to type in locations to save to, and cut/copy/paste problems)

            I guess the solution is just use the pre-compiled binaries, which is what I do currently.

            24 Dec 2003 14:09 mikpos

            Re: syntax / ide

            > one thing i would like to see is the
            > option to execute a command such as your
            > favourite compiler. i just feel that it
            > is missing this one feature.

            You can do this with the Shell menu. Look at, e.g., Shell:make, which should be set up by default. Preferences:Default Settings:Customize Menus:Shell Menu will let you set others up.

            14 Sep 2003 12:58 Thulemanden

            Dropping gedit/kedit?
            This is an excellent and smart looking editor. Simple to strart using, yet with advanced features.

            Wanted a non-geek alternative to gedit/kedit (ie: not emacs) for an IceWm desktop and nedit was a perfect match.

            10 Jul 2002 04:25 oliverfisc

            I like NEdit
            It is slim, fast and easy to use.

            11 Apr 2002 11:03 skoop

            An allround and easy editor
            there are many editors outthere. there are many that are deemed the ultimate editor. but this one is definately the one to get when working on a graphical *nix environment.

            I use nedit whenever I have a graphical environment. only when I can't use a graphical environment, like when I have to work through telnet/ssh, I use vi. in every other case, nedit is there for me :)


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