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Neddick is part of the Fogcutter suite of tools for building intelligent applications. Neddick provides tools for tagging, ranking, discussing, and discovering various sources of knowledge: Web-links, documents, people, etc. It's over-simplifying a little bit, but think of Neddick as sort of a combination of Reddit, Delicious, and Planet. It also includes a powerful search engine and a recommendations engine, and it lets you categorize, rate, tag, filter, discuss, and discover knowledge in ways that most enterprise search applications can't.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Aug 2013 02:30

    Release Notes: This release adds several new features, including access controls using Apache Shiro, private channels, aggregate channels, channel filters, channel triggers, and "Share to Quoddy" via HTTP POST using the protocol. It also adds several bugfixes and enhancements, including a complete UI refresh, an update of Grails to Grails 2.2.3 and Groovy to Groovy 2.1.5, a new "share" dialog, and fixes for bugs 94 (Edit Channel Properties page is broken) and 51 (Problem with excessive file handles).

    •  15 Feb 2011 02:32

      Release Notes: This version features UI improvements, bugfixes related to the tagging feature, the introduction of scheduled jobs, and the addition of scheduled jobs for rebuilding the entry cache and populating channels from RSS feeds.

      •  22 Jul 2010 04:17

        Release Notes: This is the initial public release. This version supports submitting links manually, submitting questions, voting entries up and down, commenting on entries, saving entries, tagging entries, hiding entries, sorting entries by date, score, "hotness", and "controversiality," creating new channels, consuming RSS feeds to populate channels with entries, generating RSS feeds for channels, searching entry text, comments, and tags, and recommending entries using text content analysis.


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