Comments for Necromancer's Dos Navigator

20 Jan 2008 00:55 dandv

How can you live without NDN?
NDN is the first program I start after I boot my machine, and the last I shut down. Using NDN, I am more efficient managing files than anyone could ever be using Explorer. Same goes for the command line: take your best Unix guru and have them compile/build/test/release/update files job using the command line - they won't be able to beat a regular user of a file manager such as NDN.

If you find yourself typing "cd; ls; cp; mv; cat" etc. - get NDN. Your productivity boost will be beyond "significant".

19 Feb 2007 03:26 Din_

The best file manager since the year 1993!

I use this file manager daily since version 1.00a since the year 1993.

It have very smart realisation of all fearures and everything is configurable.

This file manager has brought a lot of innovations to Norton-like file managers which became the standard.

The newer file namagers still have not got all the features which DOS Navigator has in the first versions.

29 Dec 2005 14:08 phpexpert

Great tool
Nice tool, again a comander under Windows!

Keep on

15 Feb 2005 00:53 AngelsHolocaust

Download BETA versions!
The download of the last beta version instead of the last releases of the download page is recommended!


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